A Letter from George Fearing

The Washington State Democratic Party conducted its biannual party convention in Seattle this past weekend.  The convention was devoted to speeches, adoption of a platform, nomination of statewide candidates, nomination of congressional candidates, and harassment of hotel security guards.  Your teetotaler vice chair garnered two strikes against him for noise in his hotel room, and, with one more strike, he will merit a lifetime banishment from the Seattle Westin. 

Convention delegates heard rousing and inspiring speeches from Senator Maria Cantwell, Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark, our next Governor Jay Inslee, and our next Attorney General Bob Ferguson, among others.  Newark Mayor Cory Booker held the audience in the palm of his hand and sweat of his forehead during Friday’s banquet, with an African-American preacher’s inspirational political challenge.  His fifty-three minute speech repeatedly included the phrase: “and just one more thing.”  Our Fourth Congressional District candidate Mary Baechler participated in a trivia contest during Saturday’s congressional breakfast. 

The convention nominated the following candidates for statewide office: Jay Inslee for Governor, Brad Owen for Lieutenant Governor, Kathleen Drew for Secretary of State, Bob Ferguson for Attorney General, Peter Goldmark for Lands Commissioner, Jim McIntire for State Treasurer, Mike Kreidler for Insurance Commissioner, Craig Pridemore for State Auditor, and Jan Connolly for State Linguist.  Owen, Goldmark, McIntire, Kreidler, and Connolly are incumbents. The convention, upon the recommendation of the Fourth Congressional District Caucus, nominated Mary Baechler as the party’s candidate for Congress in central Washington. [No nomination was made in the Third District.]

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