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First and Foremost

Register and Vote. Register here, online, it’s easy. Change your address, apply to vote from overseas, reinstate your registration after serving jail time or if you have not voted for several years. Do all that here, online, it’s easy.

Remember that the Primary is the first hurdle and every vote matters. Voting in the Primary is the only way to prevent your two least-liked candidates from advancing to the General. In 2010, two conservatives vied for the same State Representative seat in the 15th LD. The two of them had a royal battle over domestic partnerships. The result was a high number of ballots returned by Republican voters.

Be wary of unendorsed candidates who assert that they prefer the Democratic Party. Find out who is endorsed by the Democratic Party. In 2008, an unendorsed candidate with a stated preference for the Democratic Party won the Primary; he then withdrew and endorsed the Republican running in the General Election.

Can you afford $14 for the 14th LD? Regularly?

Website contributions are quick and convenient. Try it one time and see. Your contribution will be used for activism. In 2011 we paid partial support for eight people to receive campaign training from either Democracy for America or Wellstone.

Try Activism

Try activism, support the campaigns you favor and find out if activism suits you. You might like it. On-the-job training is the easiest way to go. To support the party come to any meeting, rally, meet-and-greet event and find out how you can help. The Democratic Party is a big tent. You will find friends who share your views within the 14th LD.

There are many ways to help with campaigns. Phoning, doorbelling, putting out yard signs, providing a location for a 4 ft x 8 ft sign,  sponsoring meet and greet events, and so much more.

County Party

Join your local county democratic party and strengthen your part of LD14.

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